My current paradigm is to share my stories (both written and performed) with as many of you as possible. So, if you’re not an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited subscriber (but click HERE if you are!), here’s my latest short story, Freakouts, in PDF format (free of charge): Freakouts Thanks for reading!

This is a quick piece of fiction I wrote during a moment of free time. I hope you enjoy it. There are all kinds of broken things in the world, but broken people are the worst. Broken people are tragic. Not like a broken toaster or vacuum cleaner. There’s nothing tragic—or even a little bit […]

Chuck Wendig’s Famous “Flash Fiction Challenge” Topic: Write a short story based on a tweet by Magic Realism Bot. Tweet: A butler counts to ten. In that time, he lives twelve years as a 16th Century novelist. Length: 1,500 words (oops, I went over by roughly 500 words) It’s time for another shot at tackling […]