Born in Atlanta, raised all over the world, Teague found his calling as a writer at an early age. He wrote his first song at 12 and his first finished story at 15.

Then the years got in the way.

He was into writing, theater, and music in high school and even went to study music for a semester afterward. But something else pulled at him. Since he was a boy he’d been “playing at soldiers.” He wanted to do something exciting.

He transferred schools a couple of times, took a break to work on commercial boats and have a quarter life crisis, finished his degree, and joined the Marines.

After four years, he stepped out for a moment, pursued a brief whirlwind career in music, and then found himself back in the Marines and off onto more adventures.

Along the way, he met his wife, started a family, traveled some, and began seriously to write.

His music is part of his legacy. So is his career as a Marine and his years both sailing on the sea and diving under it. Now he is entering the final chapter: completing his dream of becoming a writer of fiction.