What I’m doing now.


It turns out that publishing your first novel does not guarantee that you’ll finish the next one. I’m more than 75% done with the first draft of the sequel to The Eidolon Activity: Vodou, but it’s a long road still ahead. I wanted to publish one year after the first book, but I missed that deadline. Now I have no deadline and will work (like I did on Vodou) at my own pace without self-induced stress.

I’ve also got a draft of Vodou translated into German. I plan on cutting out space to edit it and get it published by summer 2020 for the German language market.

There are a couple of short story collections sitting in the hopper, but I’ll push them out after the next novel is finished.

And the whole Space Marine series is on hold until I finish the next Eidolon Activity book (tentatively titled Ghost Painter).


I’m really getting back into electronic music and have a ton of ideas. Like I do as a writer, I’m listening to a ton of music and discovering new things (ChillHop is my current favourite). As soon as I get myself focused, I’ll put together a couple of new tracks and perhaps even an album. We’ll see what happens.


This is an idea that I’ve had for some time and it fits closely with the topic below. More to follow as I flesh this out. I don’t want it to be lo-fi, so I’m taking my time to think it through and produce it well.

Global Citizenship. Becoming Better Men. Quick Self-Defence.

I’ve registered some new sites recently and I’ve got some really cool ideas I want to unpack and share. I’ll post about them as they develop and expect a lot of feedback. Suffice it to say I think we can all benefit from seeing the world as global citizens, becoming better men (sorry, ladies, I know men best…but will look for overlap where I can find it), and being confident in protecting ourselves and loved ones as we venture forth.

Updated 09 1647R NOV 2019; Frankfurt, Germany.