I’m not going to kill myself. But I might kill you.

So, I want to be a minimalist. But I just like my stuff too much. I buy a complete new capsule wardrobe and put my old clothes in a duffle bag in the attic. Is that minimalism? I have three full duffel bags. I keep buying new watch straps because I want the perfect duo. … Continue reading I’m not going to kill myself. But I might kill you.

If Only She Could

1."Her finger's not getting any better." Tom looked up from his workbench and pushed his glasses up onto his forehead. He looked at her standing there, outlined by sunlight streaming in through the back door. Lucy was standing in her shadow, the strong, older hands resting gently on Lucy’s shoulders. “It looks like it’s spreading. … Continue reading If Only She Could

Broken People

This is a quick piece of fiction I wrote during a moment of free time. I hope you enjoy it. There are all kinds of broken things in the world, but broken people are the worst. Broken people are tragic. Not like a broken toaster or vacuum cleaner. There's nothing tragic—or even a little bit … Continue reading Broken People

The Butler and the Novelist

Chuck Wendig's Famous "Flash Fiction Challenge" Topic: Write a short story based on a tweet by Magic Realism Bot. Tweet: A butler counts to ten. In that time, he lives twelve years as a 16th Century novelist. Length: 1,500 words (oops, I went over by roughly 500 words) It's time for another shot at tackling … Continue reading The Butler and the Novelist

Excerpt from “Eidolon Vodou”

The following is from the opening chapter to my new book. Still woking on finishing the story, but I hope to have it published before the end of the year. Let me know what you think! THE SUN FINALLY dipped below the horizon, dropping the field into darkness. The trees running along the sides of … Continue reading Excerpt from “Eidolon Vodou”

The Tree

Chuck Wendig’s Famous “Flash Fiction Challenge” Topic: Write a piece of flash fiction about a tree. Length: 1,000 words While working on the revisions to my first novel, I thought I’d finally take some time to un-muddle my brain and do some of the writing exercises proposed by a favorite author of mine: Chuck Wendig. I’ll … Continue reading The Tree

On being a father

I was thinking about my boy today. I was thinking, “Why do we do it? Why do we talk about this amazing thing we’re going to do together: raise a family?” And as soon as they’re old enough to crawl — and for the rest of their lives — we send them off for most … Continue reading On being a father

Leaving Sierra Leone

Leaving Sierra Leone was a masterpiece. Every moment was recorded in my head, like the surreal digital camera work of Michael Mann in one of the late night taxi scenes in Collateral. I sat outside the BAST house, staring at the Africa Bar, at the large fruit bat flying overhead, at the brightly lit monstrosity of … Continue reading Leaving Sierra Leone

Arriving in Sierra Leone

The train from Stuttgart to Brussels was hell. I couldn't fly because the small prop aircraft wouldn't allow my three heavy trunks. So I had to take the train. I had intended no taking the ICE, with only one stop-over in Cologne. But when I got to the station, the conductor told me there wasn't … Continue reading Arriving in Sierra Leone