As a freelance editor, I work with a mix of writers (fiction and non-fiction), business owners and influencers, that include experienced and novice content creators. I have specialised experience in governmental and technical writing, narrative creative writing, blogging, and crafting resumes. Whether you’re preparing to publish a book, instruction manual, catalogue, website content—or that eye-catching resume to land a new job—I can help you to polish the rough edges and make your work shine.

Types of Editing

Not sure exactly what you need? Below is a guide to the types of editing you might want. If you’re new to working with editors—or just aren’t sure what your content needs—feel free to contact me to discuss what would work best for you.


For a copyedit, I will make corrections to spelling, punctuation, grammar, dropped words, and incorrectly used words. This kind of editing does not include improving flow, pacing, clarity, structure, consistency, continuity, or content. You should have already had someone complete a line edit before submitting your work for a copyedit.

Copyedit: starts at US$0.01 per word

Line Edit

This is what most writers are interested in. The objective of a line edit is to make your writing polished, professional and “invisible”. This involves correcting errors while improving flow, clarity, and pacing. A line edit includes:

  • Correcting errors
  • Rewriting/revising passages
  • Reworking wordy or difficult passages
  • Identifying and eliminating repetitive word choices
  • Ensuring stylistic consistency
  • Improving narrative flow
  • Identifying continuity errors

Line Edit: starts at US$0.03 per word

Getting Started

To get started, Fill out the contact form below. In the message, tell me what kind of editing you need, the approximate word count, and when you expect the work to begin and end. If you know exactly what you want: great! If not, we can work through it together.